Presence is everything! This class is for performing artists and creative practitioners who want to enhance their dynamic physical presence with skills and depth. Come break a sweat and let the body lead you through the vital practices of Impulse Into Action (IIA), an approach to physical performance based in somatic principles and the use of compelling internal imagery. If you are new to experiential performance training or just need a place to dig deeper, this class is for you.

Impulse Into Action
is physical performance training for actors, dancers, and performance artists. This challenging, technical training draws on theoretical and practical aspects of the following:

• ideokinesis/experiential somatic alignment and tissue work

• the methodical exploration approach of Jerzy Grotowski (plastiques, exercices corporels)

• image-based dance/movement forms

Participants use detailed exploratory forms to expand physical and expressive range, develop sensory awareness, and generate dynamic stage action. The vocal sense is explored through scripted text, song, and improvised vocalization. Physical grounding and work with the visual sense deepens presence and listening/response skills. Through this work, performing artists can establish psycho-physical foundations for the creation of characters, choreography, and dramatic scenarios.

Private and group classes/workshops available. Please join our mailing list to receive occasional updates and IIA news. Contact Stacy to discuss rates and course descriptions.