The Impulse into Action Community page is an evolving resource for my students, clients, and visitors to this site. It is intended as a hub for sharing information, encouragement and inspiration.

These links are for your enjoyment and personal research. Please honor the provenance of these materials! If you refer to this material in your teaching, writing, or artwork- remember to properly cite references and credit the authors.

Somatic information:

Detailed survey of the origins of ideokinesis and somatic body work, including bios of pioneers

Steve Paxton, founder of Contact Improvisation gives precise somatic instruction for the small dance (credit: Paxton, Steve. “The Small Dance, The Stand”. CI36 Community Site. April 2008. Web. January 2010):

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen has transformed the landscape of somatic research through her revolutionary teaching and writing. She is the founder of Body/Mind Centering (BMC). This is the official website:

Official website of Kazuo Ohno Studio. Kazuo’s work has deeply influenced my life and approach to art, expression, and embodiment.

Physical acting resources:
Steve Wangh, scholar, teacher, actor, and author of Acrobat of the Heart. I had the privilege of being Steve’s acting student for two years at ETW:

Information on Grotowski and physical acting:
Owen Daly’s info site is a great place to start web research about Jerzy Grotowski

Floor barre resources:

Mary Overlie introduced me to the concepts and exercises of the Hamilton Floor Barre during my training at ETW. Mary is an exceptional instructor and dancer who embodies the unity of technical dance training and deep somatic awareness. A post-modern theoretician and thinker, she is the creator of the Six Viewpoints. Her site contains concise explanations and of the theory and practices within viewpoints study:

The Zena Rommet Floore-barre was a significant part of my early training. It introduced me to the therapeutic and injury-reduction uses of floor-barre.

Emillietta Ettlin’s Floor Technique offers one of the most challenging and amazing floor barres known to human kind! If you live in NYC, you need to experience the work of this master. Geared toward the ballet dancer, this work focuses on proper use of the hip socket for turnout and extension as well as lower body speed. She is radical!

Links to Stacy’s publication and collaborators, past and present:

Stacy interviews Miguel Gutierrez for Show Box LA:

The incomparable Meg Wolfe

Stacy was known as Herr Klunch in Blacklips Performance Cult

Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar lead the collaborative genius of Big Dance Theater:

David Neumann’s Advanced Beginner Group collides intellect, physicality, and humor on the deepest level of human absurdity.

Jason Schuler is a maniac.

Ken Nintzel transforms, reveals, and makes a lot.

Special Thanks
Design elements for the IIA site were generated from the documentation of actual work sessions. Special thanks to Casey Jackson, Sandy Simona Levitan, Meghan Rippey, and Richard Pluim for allowing Stacy to use their images, which show these artists deeply engaged in explorations of IIA material.