Impulse Into Action bodywork is fitness training applied through somatic principles. A fully embodied exercise experience depends not only on what we do, but how we do it! The IIA floor barre is a challenging container for exploration and command of somatic principles, with precise prompts guiding the intent, quality, and origin of the exercises. This integrated bodywork does not stop when the workout is over; it revolutionizes the full spectrum of your physicality and turns daily tasks (e.g. maneuvering a rowdy grocery cart through an inclined parking lot) into subtle aspects of your personal practice. IIA is excellent cross-training for extreme physical practices that rely on strength and balance within shifting continuums.

All bodywork is designed to meet the needs of the individual. Private bodywork sessions are 1½-2 hours long. A motion-based diagnostic process identifies the immediate needs for each work period. This progresses to a standing, full-body warm up to release tension and increase heart rate and circulation. Floor barre begins once sweat is flowing and body logic has taken over. The floor barre constitutes the greatest part of the training session, complimented by movement exercises to explore transfer of weight and skeletal support.

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